Shenkin the goat march through in King Charles' Proclamation at Cardiff Castle

Eagle-eyed viewers of the Proclamation at Cardiff Castle may have spotted a perhaps unexpected participant in proceedings - Shenkin the goat.

The goat is the official mascot for the Regimental Mascot of 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh, and took part in the historic proceedings on Sunday, September 11.

Prior to the Proclamation, 26 men from the regiment marched alongside Shenkin from City Hall to the Castle.

A goat is the traditional mascot for the Royal Welsh, with different regiments having different names for their goat.

Official mascots have a regimental number and rank, and can be promoted and demoted like human soldiers - the current Shenkin is a lance corporal.

A former mascot was actually demoted after misbehaving during a parade.

However, they often outrank the soldiers themselves and can even receive a salary.

The salary goes towards his uniform, food and accommodation, which often (believe it or not) comes fitted with a radio and a sofa, according to the Royal Welsh Museum.

A goat from one of the other Royal Welsh regiments was even given up to two cigarettes a day to eat. This no longer happens.

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