Nigerians don’t deserve help. Please don’t bother – Actress Ruth Kadiri

Nollywood star, Ruth Kadiri, has stated that Nigerians do not need help, stating that there’s no need to fight for people who do not want to be fought for.

The actress took to her verified Instagram page to write a short piece about how clout chasers react when a politician is called out on social media.

She said, “How do you fight for people who don’t want to be fought for?”

“How do you defend people who will tell you to rest after two posts about you fighting for their cause on social media?

“The only thing they want to read about is how a celebrity’s marriage ended. and how an actress is sleeping with a married man.

“Call a politician out and 10 other truth hating, benefit hungry, clouts chasing celebrities will say #istandwith. Nigerians don’t deserve help. Please don’t bother.”

Her colleagues took to the comment session to also air their thoughts on the matter.

Fellow actress, Mary Njoku, said, “Do not help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped. Except your children. Dem no dey force horse drink water.

“There are many other people who would appreciate it. Focus your energy on those.

“Nigeria fight no dey finish, do your part for your great, great grandchildren (journey is long) and leave the rest for other Patriots.”

President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, also commented, saying, “For while we were yet sinners Christ died for us! The Jews that crucified Christ didn’t want his help for mankind yet they needed it. That’s the world for you.”

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