Why I left Nigeria, ‘We die here’ Charly Boy clears air

Maverick entertainer and musician who recently showed off his acting skills as Odudubariba in blockbuster series ‘King of Boys- The return of the King’, Charly Boy Oputa has not been in the country for some time. This has set adrift waves of rumours that the famed “Area Fada” had skipped the country for a number of reasons. One, for fear of Buhari. Two, because of the bad economy and three to gear himself up for 2023 politicking.

Speaking with Potpourri via WhatsApp Call from London, the all-rounder entertainer puts the record straight, stating emphatically that nothing or anybody can make him leave his fatherland.

“I, leave Nigeria to go to where? I’m on a well-deserved vacation and I’m going home in a few weeks time. I cannot live anywhere outside Nigeria. We will all live or die here. Nobody fit push me away from my fatherland, God punish dem. Dem no reach samsam,” he reacted angrily.

“I am used to a life of suffering and challenges, regardless of my spotless pedigree and my rich heritage. You know when you stay in sh*t for too long, you start to smell like sh*t. Our environment has become very toxic, therefore, I needed to step out for a while to take a breath of fresh air, reset, re-strategize and reboot. I’ll never run for anybody. We die here,” he added affirmatively.

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