APC: Crisis brews in Adamawa over Saturday’s congress

Crisis looms within the All Progressives Congress (APC) family in the Ganye Local Government Area (LGA) of Adamawa State over the Local Government Congress of the party scheduled for this Saturday, September 4.

House of Representatives member from Ganye, Hon Abdulrazak Namdas is up against a self-proclaimed super political heavyweight, Muhammad Sadiq who is popularly called Walin Ganye, both presenting aspirants for the chairmanship position of the party in the LGA.

The sign of likely a possible crisis is coming from the camp of Muhammad Sadiq, a famous politician around whom an air of supreme political clout has been built.

A group loyal to him is threatening to hijack the LG congress in Ganye for his anointed aspirant, Hamidu Gangneksumen.

Walin Ganye’s loyalist, Ayuba Mohammed, who represented Walin Gabye at a meeting on the pending congress, stressed that if their wishes are not met, the party will be engulf in a crisis that may escalate beyond Ganye and Adamawa.

“On issues of party leadership, even if President Muhammadu Buhari is from Ganye, he cannot work against the interest of Muhammed Sadiq, else his political career will crash, ” Ayuba boasted.

He added that the Walin Ganye’s camp had made all necessary arrangements to ensure that their candidates are installed as party leaders of the local government area in the forthcoming elections.

“When the electoral forms were brought, we were in confusion until Wali called and said we shouldn’t worry. He said wherever the forms will be, he will make sure that he delivers, until Hamidu Gangneksumen becomes the local government party chairman,” Ayuba said.

He added that the outcome of the Congress would determine the political future of Ganye, explaining, “Whoever knows Wali and his political muscles will understand what is happening and have no choice but to work with him. If the crisis continues, we will make sure that the governorship ambition eludes Ganye local government area.”

That was a reference to Abdulrazak Namdas who currently represents the Jada/Ganye/Mayo-Belwa/Toungo federal constituency in the National Assembly and who has long declared interest to run for Adamawa State governorship in 2023.

“I assure you that all the contestants will run. You (Namdas) just have the ambition of contesting for governor in your state and you’re fighting with people. Even the present governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Fintiri came to Wali’s place twice during the Ramadan fast, let alone someone who is nursing an ambition,” Ayuba said.

Two others who also spoke at the meeting urged aspirants in Muhammad Sadiq’s camp to be ready to steer the affairs of the party because they are in control and will not allow anybody to change things.

They said Hon Namdas had planned to impose one Augustine Bonokameni, the Ganye caretaker chairman of the party, to continue as chairman post-congress, but vowed that they will resist that with all they are worth.

When contacted, Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas said the party advised that consensus should be done, but where consensus failed, elections should hold.

“The first option for me is to ensure that the chairman is returned on a consensus basis, but if that fails we will go into elections and that is the position of the party. But I’m surprised that some group of people are insisting that their candidate must see the light of the day either by hook or crook. This is very unfortunate and will not be good for the image of the party,” Banda said.

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