Onu Igala Bauchi suggests ways to end insecurity through traditional leaders

The Onu Igala Bauchi, Alhaji Inuwa Ibara, has said that assigning constitutional roles to traditional rulers in the country will ensure that Nigeria overcomes the present security challenges militating against the survival of the country.

Ibara made the assertion while speaking with journalists in Bauchi on Sunday shortly after witnessing the election of the new leadership for the Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA), noting that the traditional institution plays vital roles in ensuring peace and peaceful coexistence among the people.

According to him, relegating traditional rulers to the background contributed to the current challenges the country is facing, noting that most of the problems in the country today were not there before.

He declared that as of now, traditional rulers were helpless as they lack the power conferred on them by the constitution to tackle challenges in their domains.

“The traditional institution has a great role to play in promoting peace and peaceful co-existence among Nigerian citizens but the institution has been relegated to the background in this country and that is why we are having problems all over the country.

“If you go down memory lane, the traditional institutions were playing significant role in the administration of the country. You will discover that most of the problems we are facing today were not there but with a new dispensation in the country, things changed.

“That is why we are facing the challenges across the country because traditional rulers have no say now. Even if he sees something happening in his domain, he does not have the power to say anything, no authority to operate.

“If he tries to stop it by exercising the power, he will run into trouble because there is no constitutional role for him to do so.

“A constitutional role for traditional rulers will go a long way in solving the problems,” the Onu Igala Bauchi declared.

Meanwhile, Ibara said he was confident that once Nigerians believe in the Nigerian project, the country’s present insecurity challenges would be effectively tackled, submitting that unity was the best ingredient needed to move the country forward positively.

He urged Nigerians to tolerate one another wherever they are, adding that they should see themselves as brothers and sisters who can change the country’s narrative once they are united.

“We are one; we have common source of existence. Tribe is just used to identify where one comes from. We should see ourselves as brothers and sisters, one people united by divine grace. Together, we can change the narrative of the country,” he declared.

“I have been in Bauchi State for over 40 years now, and I can say that things are changing now. When I came to Bauchi, there was nothing like differences in relationships with each other but now that people are after monetary gains, things have changed negatively.

“My advice is that we should learn how to live together and work together because we are all one. Tribe is only to differentiate where we come from; we are all from the same source.

“If you look at the root, you will discover that we are all the same. I am calling on all of us to join hands together to move the country forward positively for the good of the people,” he said.

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