Cute guys turn me on – Actress, Kayode Oluwapelumi

Curvy and sultry Nollywood actress, Kayode Arameedey Oluwapelumi is one of the new generation of Yoruba actresses who don’t take prisoners when it comes to expressing themselves and showing their feelings. In a recent chat with Potpourri, she revealed that cute guys turn her on, saying getting turned on is not the same thing as falling hopelessly or getting reckless when it comes to dating.

“I love cute guys. Common, who doesn’t love good things. I’m easily attracted to them but that does not mean because you are cute I would date you automatically, no. When I see a cute guy I get turned on but not in the way that I want to start a relationship or have something deep with them. I believe I just love the good things of life and cute guys are part of the good things of life. I have never made the first move to start a relationship. I can’t imagine myself walking up to a guy to start a relationship no matter how handsome he is,” she said.

Pelumi caused a bit of a pandemonium recently on Instagram when she posted her twerking video of the “Shedi Balabala” challenge where she put her juicy gifts of nature to good effect.

“Everyone believes when you flaunt your sexuality on social media you want attention from guys, that’s not true, I just love to look and feel good. Exposing my sexuality or not I love to look good,” she explained.

Kayode Arameedey Oluwapelumi is a Mass Communications graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Her latest film produced by her, “Oba Opor ” is currently showing on YouTube, YorubaplusTV. She has also featured in many other films.


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