UEFA Finds England After Supporters Distracted Denmark With A Laser Beam, Booed Their National Anthem

 The Football Association has been fined €30,000 (£26,000) by UEFA after supporters shone a laser pen and booed Denmark’s national anthem during Wednesday’s Euro 2020 semi final.

Earlier this week, the English FA was charged by UEFA for three offences during the semi final at Wembley as fans booed the opposing national anthem, set off red flares inside the stadium, while one supporter shone a green laser pen in the eyes of Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel moments before Harry Kane’s penalty which led to England’s winning goal.

And now the FA has received its punishment for the disturbances during the match as a statement from UEFA read: ‘The CEDB has decided to fine the English Football Association €30,000 for the use of laser pointer, disturbances during the national anthems and setting of fireworks.’

Speaking after the game, Schmeichel revealed that he told officials about the laser pen during the game.

‘I did not experience it on the penalty kick because it was behind me on my right side. But I did experience it in the second half,’ said the Denmark goalkeeper.

‘I told the referee. And he went to say something to the other officials.’

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