President Buhari Hails Pakistan For Training Nigerian Army As He Receives Delegates In Aso Rock

Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari, received delegates from Pakistan on Friday in the State House at Abuja. He let this be known through a post on social media.

His post read:

 On Friday at the State House, I received General Nadeem Raza, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pakistan has remained faithful and consistent in assisting Nigeria, particularly in the training of members of the Nigerian Armed Forces. We greatly appreciate their help in this regard, and I made this known to General Raza. Some of my military colleagues trained in the country. On the whole Nigeria has benefited a lot from Pakistani, and we are grateful.

I’m pleased to know that Pakistan equally values our collaboration with them. We will continue to cooperate and collaborate for the mutual benefit of our two countries.

See pictures from the meet below:


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