Nigerians React As Cow Runs Unchecked On Third Mainland Bridge

 A video showing a cow running on Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos has drawn reactions from Nigerians on social media.

The video was reportedly recorded around 9pm on Wednesday.

The cow which was heading in the same direction as the vehicles on the bridge could be seen maintaining a lane through the duration of the video.

A voice could be heard saying, “Wow, this is dangerous.”

Reacting, a Facebook user, Esther Chidimma Ibe said, “This only happens in a country where cows are valued more than human lives.”

According to Emma Nwanyanwu, “In Buhari’s Nigeria: Cows are sacred, the government spent years discussing open grazing, RUGA, grazing routes, herdsmen and cattle colony. Is it ordinary third mainland bridge you are complaining about? At least you are alive to see the cow. Those in Benue and other states are killed, their crops destroyed for the sacred cows. By the way, Lagos voted APC in 2015 and 2019, they should be used to cows by now.”

Jessica Orlunma said, “The moment you understand that these cows now know their rights in this country as first class citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria, the better you realise they can walk on the road, board a public transport, enter first class flight and go medical checkup confidently.”

Nnenna Okoli said, “Don’t you know that the cows are the number one and first class citizens in Nigeria? Na them be the bonafide holders of the Nigerian passport. Their lives are more valued than that of the humans.”

Dick Omah said, “This is one the reasons Rivers State just proposed a bill to ban open grazing. Faster it will be passed into law by the State Assembly.”

One Emmy Osy said, “I witnessed it live, though it was already walking with the owner towards the edge of the bridge along the Adekunle end of the bridge going to the island.”

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