The New Apple Emojis Are Woke....Including One Of A Pregnant Man

 Woke emojis have been released — including one of a pregnant man.

It comes after accusations the emoji dictionary was not inclusive enough.

Unicode Consortium’s new designs will also include a handshake featuring different skin tones, as well as hands making a heart shape.

Emojipedia revealed them on Twitter ahead of World Emoji Day today.

One user called them “lunacy”, while another said: “If this becomes real, I will never use my phone again.” 

But user Thomas Wyndham said: “Ah, the replies of people too stupid to realise that using emoji is optional. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

“Move on, don’t waste your energy hating things that you can ignore.”

It comes after same-sex couples and gender-neutral emojis were added in 2019 — but not the transgender flag and symbol.

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