Judge DENIES Britney Spears Move To Have Her Dad Removed As Conservator After Emotional Hearing

 Britney Spears’ judge has denied the pop star’s request to remove her dad Jamie as the conservator of her estate. 

The bombshell court move comes after last week’s shocking testimony which Britney, 39, claimed the conservatorship was so “abusive,” she wanted to “sue her family.”

The singer officially requested to terminate Jamie’s involvement with the conservatorship earlier this week and on Wednesday, the judge denied her wishes, TMZ reported. 

According to the outlet, a judge ruled that Jamie Spears will remain her co-conservator “at least for now.” 

Britney’s attorney, Sam Ingham, wanted Jamie replaced by Bessemer Trust - a third party company that would be the sole conservator of her estate - but the judge denied the request.

The star's legal team reportedly first filed for Jamie’s removal from the conservatorship back in November but they were also denied then. 

Recently, the lawyer once again filed legal docs to make Bessemer Trust the conservator - which the judge agreed to, but on the condition Jamie still stay on as a co-conservator himself, the outlet said. 

They also claimed that the judge reiterated that the request to suspend Jamie specifically was denied. 

Certain legal documents still need to be filed for Bessemer Trust to take on co-conservator duties, so in the meantime, Jamie remains the SOLE figure in charge of Britney's estate.

This decision was made AFTER Britney’s emotional testimony in her first-ever court hearing last week. 

Earlier today, the manager of Britney's conservatorship, Jodi Montgomery, issued a lengthy statement that placed the blame of the singer's "suffering" on Jamie.

The message came after Jamie, 68, submitted new documents to the court on Wednesday which said he was "concerned" that Jodi's interests "do not reflect Ms. Spears' wishes.”

Just hours later, Jodi responded in a long statement from her attorney, obtained by People, and alleged she was the one who had been "a tireless advocate" for Britney, 39.

According to her attorney, Jodi felt that the bombshell accusations Britney made in court last week were "heartfelt."

She also insisted that Jamie was the one charged with "approving any and all expenditures as the controller of her estate" which the singer complained about in court last week.

Jodi's statement most notably revealed that she will be presenting a care plan to the court for "a path to terminate" the conservatorship.

However, Jamie's attorney fired back: "Ms. Spears told the Court on June 23 that she opposed being under a conservatorship and revealed her ongoing disputes with Ms. Montgomery about her medical treatment and other personal care issues."

The legal letter continued: "These statements contradict the notion that Ms. Spears would seek to have Ms. Montgomery appointed as her permanent Conservator of the Person."

On Wednesday, Jamie blamed his daughter's current personal conservator and her lawyer for the controversial "ban on marriage and more kids."

Jamie alleged "he has been cut off from communicating" with Britney, in legal documents obtained by TMZ.

He said Britney's conservator Jodi is to blame if Britney has been restricted from marrying her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari or having a baby.

The controversial figure then alleged that when the Britney's lawyer Sam appointed Jodi as her conservator, he claimed his daughter did not have the mental capacity to make decisions about her medical treatment.

Last week, Britney said in her virtual court hearing that she wants to marry and take out her IUD so she can have another baby.

The Toxic singer alleged that her conservator "won't let her."

She told the court: "I want to get married and have a baby.  

“I wanted to take the IUD out and have a baby but conservator won't let me because they don't want me to have a baby.”

The former pair were married from 2004 to 2007, and were constantly in the media.

She also slammed the conservatorship as "abusive" and claimed she wants to "sue her family."

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