Igboho Risks 21 Years’ Jail If Found With Fake Beninese Passport - Benin Lawmaker

 A lawmaker in Benin Republic, identified only as Tolulase, has stated that Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Igboho, is at risk of a 21-year jail term if he truly obtained a fake Beninese passport.

Tolulase, in an interview with the BBC Yoruba, said the situation about fake Beninese passport did not look good for the agitator, citing stringent Benin Republic laws.

The legislator explained that although Benin is a small country, laws are strictly enforced there.

He said, “On this passport issue, take me for an instance; I’m from Benin Republic but married to an Ijebu woman from Nigeria. We have five kids. She gave birth to two in Nigeria, three in Benin.

“Only the three have Beninese passports, the two others and my wife do not have. She can only apply if we married legally in Benin.

“Even after the court wedding, the passport is not issued immediately. She will wait for some years and must go through the processes.

“The first thing you must have is the National Identity Card. Now, if you’re not a citizen, the only way you can get a passport is if you legally marry a Beninoise.

“You can see it’s not easy. So, if you procure a fake one, you’ll be uncovered because you don’t have a National Identity Card. The details are linked.

“The card must have a family name. About three to five of your relatives must confirm to the government that they know you and your early years.

“It is after they testify that the court will issue the card, which can then be used to apply for a passport. If such is doctored, the punishment is 21 years’ imprisonment. It’s a serious offence.

“And it’s not just the owner of the fake passport that will be prosecuted; all those who know about it will be charged to court.

“On Chief Sunday Igboho, the Beninese Government will carry out a detailed investigation that will expose everyone involved in his passport obtainment.”

247NNU had on Thursday reported that the Cour De’appal De Cotonou, Benin Republic, where Igboho and his wife were arraigned ordered the wife to be released same day.

It however ruled that Igboho should be returned to custody as his trial continued.     

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