"How Nnamdi Kanu And Asari Dokubo Wanted To Snatch IPOB", Original Founder Reveals

 The founder of the Customary Government for the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, has disclosed how Nnamdi Kanu and ex-militant leader, Asari Dokubo tried to hijack the group.

Emekesiri disclosed that Kanu and Dokubo tried to hijack IPOB because the secessionist group was a good product.

He said both Kanu and Dokubo were aware of the good ideas he had for IPOB.

Emekesiri recounted how Dokubo went behind him to form a Customary government after ignoring his calls for a meeting.

Dokubo had in March 2021, announced the formation of a new Biafra Customary Government, BCG.

The former militant leader had declared himself as the leader of BCG.

A statement by Uche Mefor, Head of Information and Communication of the customary government, had said George Onyibe will be the Secretary, while Emekasiri will be responsible for legal matters.

However, Emekesiri said the BCG was formed without adhering to the original laid out plans.

“You know people say that a good product is subject to counterfeits, nobody counterfeits a bad product. They know that the product I have is a good product, they know the original vision that I have and they know it’s an excellent vision and that’s why they try to counterfeit it.

“Those who believe in what I believe, we will continue with the original IPOB, the original customary government, no matter the counterfeits because in the end the original will stand.

“Asari Dokubu once said he wanted to come into the umbrella of the customary government and I said that’s good, there is customary government instituted by the elders of which I am their spokesman or Chairman of the governing council, so I said if that is the case let us go ahead.

“While I was in Enugu, I made a move and called Asari Dokubu and requested for a meeting with Ralph Uwazuruike but Asari said he will not be able to come.

“The next thing I heard was that we were creating an implementation committee called Customary Government Implementation committee and I agreed and asked what shall we implement because we already have programmes on the ground? And the next thing I heard was an announcement that he will create 20 Biafra provinces,” he told Vanguard in response to why Kanu and Dokubo tried to take over IPOB.

Prior to his rearrest, Kanu and Dokubo had been at loggerheads over the style of Biafra agitation.

While calling Kanu a con man, the former militant leader had vowed to deal with the factional IPOB leader.

In his response, the embattled secessionist had accused Dokubo of defrauding him of N20 million.

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