How an armed robber vomited razor blades, charms in my office, ACP Danladi recounts

 A newly promoted Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP, Barrister Danlandi Mashat of the Enugu State Command, has given credit to God on his special way of handling criminals.

He spoke during a thanksgiving Church Service/Send off ceremony held in his honour at the Uwani Police Station, Enugu, by friends and well wishers, where he gave an insight into some of his encounters with criminals after he had laid hands on them.

He revealed that one of them vomited razor blades and charms in his office.

The Plateau State born top police officer, who was recently elevated from the rank of Chief Superintendent of Police CSP to ACP, became popular in Enugu Command following his use of both practical experience and spiritual approach in the discharge of his duty.

He is known for casting out demons from criminal suspects arrested by his men for various offences, who are also believed to be possessed by unclean spirit, an act that popularized him in all the Stations he served in Enugu state.

On the elevation he said: “this promotion is telling me that I should do more. Secondly, it is God that brought me to this level, I should serve God while doing the police work. The challenge has been taskfull and onerous, but I thank God for everything.

“A case in sight, somebody came and said I was affecting them spiritually, that person is somebody who will touch the wall and you see him disappearing, and suddenly when he came I don’t know what moved me and when I laid my hands on him and started praying, he started vomiting razor blade and charms.

“In this police work, you can’t do it without prayer so what has been my strength is prayers, wherever I am, I pray for my station. In fact, somebody came to tell me that they did not burn my station during the Endsars because of the way I handled them.

“That really moved me, and shows that wherever you are policing, you should police with the fear of God and people will be there to protect you when there is a problem.

“There was a day I was sleeping and I heard God clearly saying why are your men collecting money and giving you bribe in disguise and that very day I came back to the station and brought a signal to all of them that I don’t want anybody to give me one naira.

“God is everything. That has been my strength, I pray in the morning in the evening and night, that has been my strength.”

“They brought an armed robber to my office and he ran away and said there was fire in my office and nobody was seeing the fire but I knew God was there and is always there. When you truly worship God, he will do it for you and he can even give you riches.

“What I would like to be remembered for is when people say, ‘I’m upright, this man helped me’, and my legacies will speak for me,” he further stated.

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