Drama In Tokyo As Olympic Boxer Tries To Bite His Opponent

 Morocco boxer Youness Baalla channeled his inner Mike Tyson as he shockingly attempted to bite New Zealander David Nyika's ear during their heavyweight fight.

Baalla somehow avoided being disqualified, with the referee appearing to miss the incident but was eliminated anyway as Nyika claimed the victory.

The shameful actions from a visibly frustrated Youness Baalla was reminiscent of Mike Tyson's infamous bite on Evander Holyfield in their blockbuster heavyweight rematch back in 1997. 

After weeks of warm ups, the Lions take on the Springboks in the first Test in Cape Town.

Two-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist Nyika overcame that incident to keep his composure and pick up the win on his Olympics debut.

Baalla cut a clearly frustrated man after being convincingly beaten in the opening two rounds and snapped in a moment of madness in the final round as he tried to dig his teeth into his opponent's ear.

Nyika protested to the referee but Baalla somehow escaped any punishment before going on to drop a unanimous points loss. 

'I've always backed myself and backed the people around me to lift me up,' Nyika said after the fight. 'I know I am capable of great things. I have every intention to be towards the top of that podium.'

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