#BbNaija: My Mom Had Me At 16, Angel Makes Stunning Revelations

 Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Angel, has revealed that her mother gave birth to her at 16.

The 21-year-old writer said this while talking to Boma as she cooked in the kitchen.

The duo was having a conversation about who manages Angel’s social media page. When Boma asked her, Angel replied, “My father.”

In disbelief, he told her that she was lying but Angel reaffirmed her claims.

Boma said, “You seem like you have a young father.”

Then she answered, “Yea, my mum had me when she was 16.”

She went further to reveal that her parents are quite young, telling 34-year-old Boma that he is almost her mother’s age.

Fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the revelation.

A tweep, @thatafrikanboy, said “Wow, Angel said her dad handles her IG account then immediately tells Boma his age and her mother’s are close.”

With laughing emojis, @mzzvarma2, tweeted, “Angel’s dad is handling her social media and her mom is almost the same age as Boma.”

Expressing surprise, @kaptainlexi said, “Blood of Jesus! Angel’s Mum had her when she was 16!”

Recreating the conversation, @ujay4life, tweeted,”Angel: My parents are young. My dad is in his 40s and my mom is in her 30s. Boma: Really?

“Angel: Yeah, my mom had me when she was 16. She’s 37, you’re close to her age.

“Boma had to find an excuse to walk away. I guess there’s no shipping for these two.”

@tia_licious tweeted, “Angel just told Boma you are like my mum’s age. Boma, abort mission!”

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