What Kumuyi told us as our Maths lecturer in UNILAG 44 years ago – Bishop Oke

 Bishop Francis Wale Oke, President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has revealed what the General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi told him and others when he was their mathematics lecturer at the University of Lagos in 1977.

Oke had led executives of the PFN to felicitate with Kumuyi during the church’s ‘Divine Connection Crusade’ on Sunday in Abuja.

He said when he entered UNILAG in 1977, where Kumuyi taught them Mathematics, he always told them who are Christians to preach the gospel everywhere.

“When I entered the University of Lagos in 1977 where Daddy taught us Mathematics, he also taught us that when you enter any vehicle, you must preach, preach and preach. When you get to any house, you must preach and the message is ‘Jesus only is our message.’ I usually carry tracts on me everywhere.

“I was moving from the department and as a student, I waved down a vehicle to give me a ride. It was a professor in the University. I took a tract and gave him and began to share the gospel. He said, “Stop, stop, stop. Are you a student? What department?” I told him.

“When he heard that I was an Engineering student studying Land Survey, he asked, “What is the shape of the earth?” That was exactly what we were taught the previous week, so I told him the formula. He then said, “You Christians, when you talk about heaven, you point up, and the earth is round. What is the geographical direction of hell?”

“I won’t forget this experience, I think he wanted to confuse me. When a professor is asking a young student questions, that is trouble. I quickly prayed to God and Holy Spirit to help me, and God gave me a word and I said,” Sir, God forbid that it will happen to you o, if you die in this condition, you will not only know the geographical location of hell but you will know the exact location of hell because hell is at the end of every life without Christ.

“The man parked the car, opened the door and told me to get out of his car. I didn’t know the Holy Spirit has sown the seed in him. Years later, I was preaching at a major convention and he saw my picture on the screen, he found his way to meet me and asked if I could recognize him. I said ‘no.’ He told me he was the one who gave me a ride in 1977 and he repeated all I said, and said those words troubled him for years until he gave his life to Christ.

The man has gone to heaven. He died as a pastor.

“It was part of what Daddy taught us that I gave to him. Daddy, we celebrate you sir, thank you, more grace to you.

We are glad, on behalf of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, we thank you for this opportunity, we thank you all for showing us love,” he narrated.

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