Four Men Gang-Rape Woman, Pour Acid On Her Till She Dies In Rivers State

Men of the Rivers State Police Command have arrested a man, Prince Reuben for masterminding the abduction, gang-rape, and killing of a woman, Joy Saturday.

Reuben while confessing to his callous scheme revealed in a video that his three friends brought the idea of abducting Saturday, after being nabbed by the police in Rivers.

The deceased had shown interest in buying a piece of land from Reuben and agreed on a day to go and inspect the land, knowing that his supposed land seller had plotted with his three friends to kidnap her and raise ransom from the abduction.

Reuben took her victim to the land as agreed but his three friends had hidden in the bush nearby, and pounced on her, took a turn to rape her. They went ahead killing her and poured acid on her.

“My name is Prince Reuben. I am here for the killing of Miss Joy Saturday. So, on that day, I went to my working place. She called me on the phone that she is coming to see the land. I said okay that I went to work that my closing time is by 4.

“She said okay, no problem when I close and I should call her. So, before then, my three friends told me that they are going to kidnap her and make money from her. I said okay, no problem. So, on that day, they hide inside the bush.

“Then I took her to the land. So she saw the land. Then, my three friends came out. We now kidnap her and took her to the forest. We raped her, we killed her, and we poured her acid,” Reuben told the Police. 

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