Father Mbaka Releases New Prophesies For June

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, has released new prophecies for the month of June via his social media page.

Mbaka released the new prophecies for June on his Facebook page: “Rev.Father Ejike Mbaka Adoration ministry Prayer Line Songs and Praises“.

The cleric said in his June prophecies that in “this month of June”, those that believe in the prophecy “will encounter many trials but shall be victorious.”

Father Mbaka continued in his prophecy that this month of June 2021, “your enemies will fall into that pit they dig for you.”

The controversial Catholic priest prayed for “divine protection and upliftment” adding that they shall 'receive turn around blessings in Jesus' name.”

He said: “In this month of June, you will encounter many trials but you shall be victorious in Jesus mighty name, amen. Your enemies will fall into that pit they dig for you in jesus mighty name. Receive turn around blessings in Jesus name amen. I pray for divine protection and upliftment in Jesus mighty name, so amen...”

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