Woman Smuggles Gun Into Jail By Stuffing It In Her Vagina

 A woman has been sentenced to ten years behind bars after smuggling a loaded gun into jail by hiding it in her vagina. 

Amy Wilhite, 39, pleaded guilty to concealing the two-and-a-half inch .22 caliber gun inside her body when entering the Boone County jail, in Columbia, Missouri, on February 14.

The revolver was loaded with five rounds and went undiscovered for 17 days before being found by guards wrapped in a plastic bag among Wilhite’s possessions, reports The Smoking Gun. 

Wilhite, who has previously spent time in prison, was arrested on February 14 on gun and narcotics charges and booked into the Boone lock up.   

Guards performed an initial search of Wilhite but failed to locate the 4.6 ounce North American Arms revolver, stashed in her body orifice. A subsequent strip search also failed to detect the weapon.

Wilhite was in the county lockup for just over two weeks before jail staff discovered the gun.

 In a probable cause statement, investigators alleged that Wilhite had ‘removed the firearm from her body and concealed it within her personal belongings’. 

During questioning at the jail, Wilhite admitted to possessing the firearm, but claimed ‘she was only holding it for another female detainee’. 

Fellow inmates in Wilhite’s block, however, ‘all stated Amy was in possession of the firearm’, an investigator reported. 

During a Circuit Court hearing last month, Wilhite confessed to a felony indictment charging her with ‘delivery or concealment of the weapon. 

In a plea deal, Wilhite was sentenced to serve a decade in the Missouri Department Of Corrections. 

In addition to pleading guilty to the gun smuggling charge, Wilhite also pleaded guilty on April 19 to the felony drug and weapons charges she was originally arrested for.

Wilhite was ordered to serve five years on each conviction, with the sentences to run concurrently with the 10-year prison term.

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