University Fees To Be Cut As Government Is Set To Take On Education Funding In The UK

University tuition fees could be cut from £9,250 to a maximum of £7,500, according to a government consultation which begins next month.

The cost of science degrees would be topped up by extra government funding, but critics fear arts and humanities subjects, such as languages, philosophy, theology, history and creative arts, would disappear at many universities.

Ministers are keen to switch more students into science, technology, healthcare and technical courses, with the focus on further education colleges.

Gavin Williamson, the education secretary, told the Conservative Home website: “The record number of people taking up science and engineering demonstrates that many are already starting to pivot away from dead-end courses that leave young people with nothing but debt.”

The consultation on cutting tuition fees, which is set to begin ext month has been opposed by some peers who say universities are already struggling as it is without the decision to cut down fees.

The Times UK

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