Social Distancing Rules To Be SCRAPPED, But Something Else Will Remain

 The social distancing rule in the UK will be scrapped but masks will remain under government plans for the final easing of restrictions on June 21, it has been claimed.

People will no longer have to stick to 'one metre-plus' while indoors as part of plans to allow all restaurants, pubs, theatres and cinemas to finally reopen at full capacity.

It is hoped successful test runs of live events will also see the return of crowds to sport stadiums and concerts at the same time.

But discussing Britain's 'last lap' of the pandemic yesterday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab warned that that some measures such as masks will be in place into the summer.

While he insisted the UK is 'turning the corner' as Covid recedes, he stressed 'some safeguards' may remain to ward off a potential further wave of the virus.

He told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show: 'We want to get to the position at the end of June when we can get life back as close to normal as possible, but there will still need to be some safeguards in place.'

Asked about measures after June 21, he added: 'I think it will be around distancing – maybe there will be something around masks.' Mr Raab told Sky's Sophy Ridge on Sunday: 'We're very close now to really turning the corner.

'I think we still need to be careful... We don't want to see the gains lost and the sacrifices that have been made undone.

'By the time we get to June 21 almost all social restrictions will be lifted, so there's only a little bit more time to go but it's right we do that in a careful way.

'I do think we just need to make sure that in the last lap, if you like, that we are careful and we don't lose the gains we've made.'

According to The Times this could mean theatre and cinema audiences being forced to wear marks during performances and having staggered entry times.

Pubs and restaurants could be told to keep screens between tables and require face coverings while moving around in return for no limit on capacity.

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