Popular musician falls to death from hotel balcony as he ‘tried to hide from wife after threesome with model’

 Brazillian singer MC Kevin fell to his death from a hotel balcony after allegedly trying to hide from his wife following a threesome with a model.

Testimony reveals that Bianca Domingues, 26, said she met the 23-year-old artist and his pal Victor Fontenelle and the trio had a sex-and-alcohol-fuelled evening.

The information, obtained by DailMail.com, says Fontenelle asked Domingues if she would have paid sex with Kevin, whose real name is Kevin Nascimento Bueno, but that it would have to be a secret from his wife, Deolane Bezerra.

Kevin and Deolane - a criminal lawyer - were married just two weeks before his death when they tied the knot in Mexico.

Domingues told investigators that she heard Kevin say that he was going to give her a "little gift" and followed the two men into room 502 at the Barra Brisa Hotel.

She said that initially she refused to have sex with Fontenelle but decided that she would charge them $1,000 Brazilian reais each - which she requested was transferred into her bank account once the act was done.

The 26-year-old model said she had sex with Fontanelle first.

Kevin's friend Jhonatas da Cruz, 26, who was also staying at the hotel, told cops that he went to the room to give Fontanelle a condom.

However when he arrived, Fontanelle was already having sex with Domingues, so he left but then returned to the room later and expressed an interest in also sleeping with Domingues.

After he was rejected, da Cruz told police that he went to the bathroom, slammed the door shut and hid behind a curtain.

Domingues said she told Kevin: "I would not do nothing if he did not leave."

Kevin kicked da Cruz out of the room, who then went down to the kiosk area and was told by Kevin's security guard that his wife Bezerra, who was also staying at the hotel, was looking for Kevin.

Fontanelle was also sent a WhatsApp message by the security guard and told Kevin that they had to leave the room so that he didn't get found out by his wife - who Kevin only married two weeks prior.

They decided to continue having sex.

After the session was over, Fontanelle told cops that he went to clean himself up and then spotted Kevin dangling from the balcony as he held onto the rail in an attempt to lower himself onto a hotel suite on the fourth floor.

It was then that he plummeted to his death.

Domingues screamed for someone to call for an ambulance while Fontanelle ran to the pool side to check on Kevin.

Domingues was ordered to leave the hotel by Kevin’s security guard and told to go back to her hotel.

Kevin was rushed to Miguel Couto Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Following his death, his wife Deolane she posted a photo of the couple embracing at their wedding to Instagram Stories, which she captioned: "You are and will always be the love of my life, the most beautiful love I had, the man who loved and admired me the most!

“Go with God, my boy, I will always love you!"

Known professionally as Kevin, the popular singer from Sao Paulo had amassed 8.6million followers on Instagram.

He had also racked up millions of views on YouTube with a further 1.8million registered monthly listeners on Spotify.

He was known for his signature funk paulista genre of music which often included lyrics about cars, motorbikes, drinking and women.

However, he had previously been the subject of a number of Police charges, which included footage of him swearing aggressively at the police earlier this year.

He was also arrested at a hotel in the city of Belo Horizonte for drug use in 2019 and was reported by his neighbours for breaching COVID-19 restrictions last year.

The police are continuing to investigating the case.

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