Nigerians Blow Hot As Diplomat Is Captured Urinating On The Road In Lagos

The video of a diplomat who parked by the roadside on Victoria Island in Lagos to urinate has generated lots of reactions on social media.

On Nairaland, Lifeisgoody said, "The end: Everyone now takes my country for a ride." 

Righteousness2 said, "What he did is wrong but when desperate pee or poo holds you, no matter the country you are in, you will come down, pull your suit and blast it out in the middle of the road."

Paulolee noted: "When you are in Rome, act like a Roman...that's just it. This gee didn't just wake up and try such...he did so after seeing our Naija guys doing so freely. Won't be surprised if he was pressed and asked one of our brothers that gave him the free will to try such?

"Please, I'm not trying to justify what he did, all I'm saying is that if it's normal for us to keep doing this, there is nothing wrong with anybody doing it no matter the colour or tribe."

ValCon888 said: "It is not enough that Nigeria is referred to as a shithole. This diplomat is also confirming that we are a pisshole country. (President Donald) Trump in hindsight was not so wrong after all."

MalignantGuest said many whites see Africa as a dirty place. 

"Come and try it in San Francisco. Please! Get yourself educated. Studying only the Bible narrows your intellect. It beclouds your horizon, with so much limitations. That's the reason they see Africa as dustbin. You haven't boarded ordinary local flight and here you are talking about every part of the world. He did it on the directive & supervision of his driver. He knows how lawless the nation hosting him is.

"Collection bags are sold in malls abroad for human biological waste. People put such in their cars. Persons travelling across states have these with them." 

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