MMA Fighter Hospitalized After HORRIFIC Injury During Sex

An MMA fighter was hospitalised for a week after snapping his penis during sex with his girlfriend.

In a brand new episode of TLC’s Sex Sent Me To The ER, Ray Elbe was forced to undergo an emergency operation on his privates when a quick moment of intimacy with his girlfriend turned into a bloody nightmare (literally) as they fell out of sync and she accidentally crushed him. 

‘We got a little bit intimate in the heat of passion, and she happened to be on top of me in this situation,’ Ray recalled in an exclusive clip shared with 

‘Unfortunately, as she went a little bit too high, I slipped out, and when she came back down I was still obviously fully erect, and basically [she] bent me over the top.’

Within a matter of seconds, the couple’s romance had turned into a scene out of a horror film. ‘I remember immediately my erection [shrinking noise] as blood just spurt all over the place,’ he said. 

‘I’ve had some significant injuries, but as far as the actual pain, and I was in shock at that point, it was brutal.’ 

With his penis completely bent out of shape, Ray remembered running to the bathroom to grab a towel to stem the bleeding, only for matters to escalate.

‘There was so much blood loss that I felt light-headed and then I lost consciousness,’ he continued. 

‘I ended up cracking the bottom of my jaw on the floor as I fell.’

After he regained consciousness, Ray and his shocked girlfriend decided to call for an ambulance. On arrival at the hospital, doctors diagnosed him with a ruptured urethra and an injured dorsal vein and artery. Essentially, Ray had fractured his penis.  

‘Man, it brings tears to your eyes. I don’t care who you are or how tough you are as an individual, it was just a humbling experience,’ Ray recounted.  

‘The penis is made up of tissue that is very spongy, and when the penis is getting erect, what happens is that tissue fills with blood,’ emergency doctor Dr. Jordan Moskoff explained.  

‘In the course of sexual activity, if the penis misses where it’s supposed to go and jams, you can actually break that spongy tissue.’ 

A fractured penis is a serious injury and no laughing matter and unless you fix it, it will stay sideways.  To correct his injuries, Ray even had to have a grueling 12-hour surgery. 

After a grueling 12 hour operation, Ray is left nursing his battle wounds.  ‘Essentially, what he did was he cut and peeled the skin down, and went into the two tubes and stitched them back together,’ he said. 

‘I woke up medicated, and literally, my testicles were the size of two softballs because all the blood drained down in there. It was black and blue.’ Luckily, after eight or so weeks, Ray was back up and running, both professionally and… personally.  

He added that the experience also solidified his relationship with his girlfriend.  ‘We’re probably always going to be together for life because of this injury,’ he enthused.

‘That was the first time I had really experienced a woman that had legitimately and honestly was 100% committed to me.’

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