NAF Wings 2 Fighter, 2 Combat Helicopter Pilots

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF), on Tuesday in Abuja winged two fighter as well as two combat helicopter pilots, having successfully completed their basic flying training courses in the U.S.

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Oladayo Amao, while winging the officers at NAF Headquarters, noted that the ceremony was a testament to the commitment of NAF towards enhancing and sustaining critical airpower capabilities.

This, he said, was required for joint force employment in pursuit of the nation’s national security imperatives.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) those winged is two fighter pilots as well as two combat helicopter pilots.

“This is based on the fact that we cannot effectively and efficiently employ airpower if we do not have the sufficient number of well-trained aviators and support personnel.

“Accordingly, we shall sustain our efforts in pursuing purposeful training and human capacity development for our personnel.

“In line with this drive, I am glad to note that NAF has several other pilots as well as personnel from other specialities undergoing various training courses both at home and abroad.

“For instance, we currently have 233 officers and airmen/airwomen undergoing training courses overseas, cutting across several specialities and trades.

“Out of this number, four student pilots are in the Czech republic undergoing basic fighter training on the L-39 aircraft.

“In the same vein, two student pilots are undergoing helicopter training at U. S., while additional two have been processed to join them in the coming days.

“Furthermore, 10 pilots are in the UK undergoing basic helicopter pilot training. While 17 others are in South Africa undergoing basic fixed-wing pilot training.

Amao, however, explained that all these efforts were geared towards maintaining combat readiness at significantly higher levels to counter both domestic and foreign threats to the nation’s security and wellbeing. 

The CAS congratulated the young pilots for successfully completing their training in various fields. 

He urged them to be relentless in pursuit of excellence and professionalism as operational pilots while working with their colleagues across other specialities
He the service.

“You must also strive to imbibe the doctrine of ”jointness” in the forward lines as you interact with personnel from sister services and other security agencies in various theatres of operation nationwide for more enduring results.“

He also used the occasion to thank President Muhammadu Buhari, for his unwavering commitment to the development and enhancement of the Armed Forces, in general, and NAF, in particular.

Amao also commended the Chief of Training and Operations as well as the Director of Training and others who played a role in the training of the pilots.

The CAS also urged them to remain wholeheartedly committed to the successful execution of NAF constitutional role of defending the territorial integrity of the country.

He reminded them that it was the onerous responsibility of the service to provide an environment safe for all law-abiding citizens to pursue their legitimate aspirations without fear.”


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