Man Arrested For Fraud After Dating 35 Different Women So As To Get Birthday Gifts All Year Round

 A Japanese man has been arrested after he allegedly started relationships with 35 different women in order to receive gifts all year round. 

Takashi Miyagawa, 39, is accused of defrauding the women by telling them each a different date for his birthday so that he had a constant flow of presents and cards. His real birthday is November 13. 

The women then joined forces and created a victims’ association together, before reporting him to the police in February.

They claim Miyagawa, from the Japanese region of Kansai, swindled them out of 100,000 yen (about £665) worth of birthday presents, clothes, and cash in total.

One woman, 47, believed Miyagawa’s birthday was on February 22, while he told another, 40, it was in July and a third, 35, it was in April. 

It is thought there could still be more victims due to come forward. Miyagawa met each of the women through his work at a marketing company, which sells shower and bath supplies, SoraNews 24 reports.

Each of them believed they would eventually marry Miyagawa, the news site claims. The investigation into his alleged scheme is ongoing.

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