How Bauchi Prison Riot Was Caused By Officer's Attempt To Smuggle A Phone Into The Center

 The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS), Bauchi says the recent riot at the centre happened as a result of an officer’s attempt to smuggle a mobile phone into the centre.

A riot broke at the centre on Friday, leaving two officials and five inmates injured.

According to a statement by the NCS on Saturday, a brawl occurred between two inmates who were to benefit from the mobile phone deal and other staff members who caught wind of the plan.

The statement said the officer involved has been interrogated and the matter undergoing investigation.

“A little skirmish broke out at the Bauchi State Command of the Nigerian Correctional Service on Friday April 9, 2021. This emanated from the attempt of an officer to smuggle a mobile phone into the custodial centre, for the use of inmates,” the statement said.

“This is clearly illegal and against the rules. The officer has therefore been apprehended and is being interrogated.

“The scuffle occurred between the inmates who were to benefit from the illegal deal and other staff members who enforced the centre’s rules and regulations and busted the plan.

“However, two personnel and five inmates sustained injuries in the melee but have been treated and discharged from the facility’s medical unit.

“The restive inmates have also been put under control while the staff involved is undergoing interrogation, as ordered by the State Controller. This regrettable development is being investigated.”

According to NCS, the prison controller, while addressing the staff, reminded them of the results of smuggling prohibited items into the centre.

“While addressing the body of staff, the Controller once again reminded them of the far-reaching implications of smuggling prohibited items, particularly mobile phones, into custodial centres which, among others things, could lead to riot, jailbreak and others,” the statement said.

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