27-Year-Old Lady Dies Of Cancer After Hospital Said She Is Only Suffering From Early Menopause

A mum-of-four died from cervical cancer after doctors misdiagnosed her symptoms as early menopause and her check-ups were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Lizzy Evans, 27, was first diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was pregnant with her fourth child. She was induced eight weeks early and was treated for the disease – then was given the all-clear. 

But within a year, she started suffering from severe pain in her back, shoulder, ribs and neck. Her doctor told her the cancer treatment had triggered an early menopause and sent her home with pain relief. 

One day the pain in her chest became so severe she had to call for an ambulance, as she was struggling to breathe. 

Before her death, she told North Wales Live: ‘I went to my GP with back, shoulder, rib and neck pain, which radiated throughout my body, and the GP put it down to muscular skeletal pain due to me going through the menopause because of the previous treatment I had. 

‘I was sent home with pain relief and told to come back if it didn’t work.’

But further tests revealed her cancer had returned and had spread to her spine, brain and lungs, and it was terminal. She died last Wednesday, leaving behind husband Joshua, 29, and children aged nine, eight, two and one. 

Mrs Evans, from Bagillt in Wales, added: ‘To find out I had cancer in the first place was a massive shock and after I got the all clear, we thought we could move on with our lives and get back to normal, then this was just the worst.’ 

She said she was told she would be monitored regularly after receiving the all-clear, but the pandemic meant this ‘didn’t happen’. 

After her terminal diagnosis, she and her boyfriend Joshua Evans got married at her mum’s house. She had hoped to take part in a clinical trial in Manchester, but she was told she was too unwell. 

Her mum, Chrissy Davies, said her daughter was ‘such a kind-hearted person, very loving and always helped others’.  It comes after it was revealed last year that up to 35,000 extra deaths in 2021 may be caused by cancer missed during the pandemic. 

The first lockdown in March 2020 halted many services for three months or more, and may have reduced the number of cancer referrals. 

Step-dad Adrian Rogers, 46, died in February after his cancer became terminal when he was denied a potentially life-saving operation during the first wave of Covid-19. 

A fundraising page, originally set up to help Mrs Evans make memories, is now collecting funds for her ‘loving husband and children’. 

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