Stuck Ship Blocking The Suez Canal Has Finally Been Refloated

A huge container ship lodged in the Suez Canal for almost six days has been refloated, paving the way to clear global shipping backlogs. 

A canal services firm confirmed in the early hours of Monday that the MV Ever Green has started to move – but did not provide further details about when the vessel would be set free. 

Two extra tugboats were yesterday drafted in to open up the Egyptian canal ramp which has been blocked since Tuesday, sparking a global trading crisis. 

Leth Agencies said the breakthrough came following intensive efforts to push and pull the MV Ever Given with around 10 tugboats while vacuuming up sand underneath the ship with several dredgers at high tide. 

Inchcape confirmed in a tweet: ‘The MV Ever Given was successfully re-floated at 04:30. She is being secured at the moment. More information about next steps will follow once they are known.’ 

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