Nigerian University Launches Investigation Into Case Of Final Year Law Student Having Sex With Younger Male Student

Crescent University in Ogun State has said it has launched an investigation into the alleged oral sex involving a final-year law student of the institution, identified as Samuel Olusope and another male student.

Olusope was accused of sexually harassing a 200-level fellow student in a boys’ hostel after allegedly drugging the food of the victim.

The victim was said to have been rushed to a hospital for treatment.

In a video posted on Instablog on Friday, Samuel was seen being taken to an office as some people derisively tagged him a homosexual.

The medium stated, “A 500-level law student of Crescent University, Ogun State, Olusope Samuel, has been accused of allegedly drugging and harassing a 200- level student in the boys’ hostel.

“According to multiple sources, Samuel is infamous for allegedly sexually harassing boys. “We caught him in the wee hours of the night giving a fellow boy a blow-job. Prior to that, he had drugged the boy’s food only to perform fellatio on him later.”

It was also alleged that the Olusope had been expelled from a university for the same act

City Round gathered that he was expelled from a private school in Ekiti State for a similar offence.

When contacted on what the school authorities were doing about the case, the university’s Registrar, Bola Ajibola (SAN), told our correspondent on the telephone that the incident had been brought to the knowledge of the school.

He said, “Unfortunately, I am not able to comment in any detail. The report on social media has been brought to the attention of the vice chancellor and the matter is being looked into. That is as much as I can say for now. I expect that by early next week, more light will be provided on the matter.”

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