Di Maria's 'Home Burgled, Family Held Hostage' During PSG Game (Video)

Tragedy approached Paris Saint-Germain midfielder, Angel Di Maria. His home was robbed and his family held hostage.
In the middle of PSG's match against Nantes on Sunday morning, Di Maria was replaced by coach Mauricio Pochettino exactly one hour after kick-off. 

 At that time, Leonardo, PSG's sporting director, broke the bad news to Pochettino, who then alerted his players while escorting him to the dressing room. 

 A visibly upset Di Maria left the Parc des Princes to hurry home, where his family was being held hostage.

 Watch video below; Not only Di Maria, another PSG player, Marquinhos, also had the same disaster.

 His parents' house was targeted by intruders during the match. 

 Like Di Maria's family, Marquinhos' parents were also in the house at the time and were held hostage by the robbers. 

 The police have opened an investigation and PSG will provide full assistance to both the players and their families. 

 Di Maria had a similar experience while playing for Manchester United in 2015, when he and his family were the victims of an attempted raid by thieves. 

 However, in the match against Nantes, PSG lost 1-2 at the same time wasting the opportunity to top the Ligue 1 standings.

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