Busted!!! Fraudster In F.B.I Clutches After Being Sold-out Over $9million Scam Disagreement

A Ghanaian man identified as John Jacob approached the FBI to rat out a fellow Ghanaian in the US, Raph Awuni, after he refused to pay him his share of a scam. … 

Jacob said they have scammed the US unemployment system out of millions of dollars, but his friend refuses to pay him 50 percent of agreed amount. 

 Jacob, who is in Ghana, reveals that his friend steals identities of US citizens that he uses to apply for unemployment and that the money is sent to accounts managed by Raph. 

 However, after making over $ 9 million from his scam, Raph is trying to keep all the money. Jacob, therefore, is tired and has given him away. 

 An audio of his conversation with the FBI hit the web and it’s fascinating to hear. 

 He gave all the details of his partner, including his address, so the FBI can easily catch him, Jacob probably never heard the saying that there is no honor among thieves.

See below to listen to audio;

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