British Monarchy Scandals; Explosive Reactions To Meghan And Harry Interview With Oprah

Mixed reactions from the general public after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's great reveal about the secret life of British royal family. 

The idea that there's more to royals than wearing a crown, which includes deceits, manipulations and a whole lot of darkness beneath the fairytale, have got people condemning the royal family and the lives those who are considered outcasts by them have to endure secretly making great reference to Princess Diana. 

Whilst some supporters of the royal family backlash Meghan Markle as a narcissist, an attention seeker, betrayer of the crown among others. 

Many netizens have pledged their support for the couple after Meghan Markle dropped several bombshells about the life she lived as a royal.

 A lot of celebrities have also taken to social media to express their opinions. British journalist, Piers Morgan has also taken to twitter to condemn Meghan Markle, calling out Prince Harry as 'Shameful'.

Selena Williams has also gone on to tweet her support for her friend.

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