Presidential Aide, Bashir Ahmad, Breaks Silence On Being Appointed Department of Petroleum Resources Manager

Presidential aide Bashir Ahmad has dismissed a report which claims that he has been appointed to manage the Department of Petroleum Resources under the Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

The report published by an online platform (Not 247NNU) stated that Ahmad was secretly appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dismissing the report as false, Ahmad took to his verified Twitter handle to state that he’s not a staff of the DPR.

“A friend sent me a link to a concocted story from an online news blog that the President has quietly appointed me as a manager of the DPR, a department of Ministry of Petroleum Resources, for those who want to know the truth, the story is 100% FALSE. I am not a staff of the DPR,” he said.

In another post, the presidential aide said, “I don’t even know where DPR office is, the only thing I know (is that) it is in Lagos. That’s all.”

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