Police Rescue Abducted 81-year-old Monarch

An 81- year- old community chief in Calabar South local government in Cross River, Muri Bassey Iyamba, who was kidnapped on Monday night from his residence, has been rescued.
The Commissioner of Police, Sikiru Akande, confirmed the rescue, saying the incident has given the Command a platform to prove it can react promptly and swiftly too during emergencies. 

 The 81- year- old monarch was whisked away from his house at Ambo street by Idang in Calabar South Local governnent area around 9:00 pm on Monday. 

 He was rescued by the swift intervention of police and youths of the community around 4:00 am on Tuesday. 

 The police chief said: “We want to thank God for helping us react swiftly in the rescue of the 81- year- old traditional ruler. 

 “Our response is an insight and a tip of the iceberg to the fact that we have started keeping our promise to Cross Riverians. 

 “We are sending a message to hoodlums and all criminals alike who want to test our strength or will that we are not going to relent until they are completely flushed out of the state.

 “I want to thank the youths of the community Puff Adder, Operation Akpakwu, the Efut Division and most especially the Marine police who took the risk of securing the waterways ensuring the hoodlums did not escape through the waterways with their victim.

 “Those who are desperate to cause problem in Cross River should be rest assured that we will come after them no matter where they hide or how far they run by God’s grace”. 

 The rescued monarch disclosed his abductors made him trek for about 2 miles in the dead of the night as they marched him deep into the creeks. 

 His words: “Three men entered my compound pretending to be customers who came to buy chicken because we run a poultry not knowing they came to kidnap me, although I got information that they wanted to kidnap me one month ago and I restricted my movement, not knowing I was still a target. 

 “One of them entered my sitting room and started harassing me. He molested my wife and my children while asking me to bring the money. I told him I had no money in the house.

 “They dragged me, hitting my head and face before succeeding to whisk me away.

 “Then they took me to the creeks where I trekked for more than a mile before we arrived our destination because they took me from one camp to another.

 “I must commend the police and the youths of my community. They did a lot of work to ensure my captors did not succeed in taking me across the water into the other side of the creeks. I am must grateful because God used them to save my life.

 “I am an 81- year- old man. Those men would have killed me inside the creeks were it not for the timely intervention of the police because they escaped when they discovered that the police were on their trail and were closing in on them. 

 “They left me alone in the creeks and when I started shouting I realised no one was with me. That was when police rescued me this early morning (Tuesday).’’

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