Casualty Reports, Pictures Emerge After Devastating 133-Vehicle Pile-Up In Texas

Six people have died and another 65 have been injured following a devastating 133-vehicle pile-up during rush hour in Texas. 

The tragedy happened at 6.30am yesterday morning on a freeway in Forth Worth, near Dallas, after freezing rain caused treacherous driving conditions. 

Officials declared a ‘mass casualty event’ after cars and huge freight trucks crashed into one and other along a one mile stretch of the frozen I35 highway. 

Dozens of First responders and firefighters raced to the scene as a rescue mission was launched to save people trapped in their vehicles in the middle of the wreck. 

Officials have since confirmed that six people were killed in the pile-up and another 65 people were injured – 36 of which were taken to hospital for treatment. Some of those who were injured were in a critical condition, a MedStar spokesperson said. 

Photos of the pile-up show a scene of total destruction and crumpled metal with cars stacked on top of one and other. 

Fort Worth Fire Department spent hours going from car-to-car cutting people free from their vehicles where necessary.

Police spokesman, Daniel Segura confirmed an officer was involved in the crash and said he was in a stable condition. No children are among the dead, officials have confirmed. 

Police set up a family reunification center set up at the Riverside Community Center in Fort Worth and family members were urged to that location to pick up victims who were involved in the crash. 

An investigation into the cause of the crash is now underway, with local politicians now questioning whether the roads were properly prepared for the wet and slippery conditions that had been forecast. 

One first responder told NBC 5 that the stretch of road ‘was solid ice when police and firefighters first arrived.’ 

Rescue workers were apparently slipping on the ice as they attempted to reach victims inside their cars. It’s said that they had to lay salt and sand over the road in order to mitigate the slippery conditions. 

A huge clean-up operation is now underway to clear more than 130 crumpled vehicles that were strewn across the freeway. 

MedStar Mobile Healthcare spokesman Matt Zavadsky said: ‘The vehicles are just mangled. ‘Multiple tow trucks are on scene. It’s going to take a lot to disentangle this wreck. 

‘The roadway was so treacherous from the ice that several of the first responders were falling on the scene.’ 

Forth Worth Mayor Besty Price released a statement saying ‘heart is broken’ over the tragedy.   

She said: ‘So many people have lost their loved ones or had them injured and that pain is just incredible, this whole community will feel that pain.’

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