Sultan Appoints Eldest Son to Succeed Him Under New Law

Oman’s Sultan Haitham will be succeeded by his eldest son Dhi Yazan, according to a new basic law published today. 

 The law creates a new position of crown prince and establishes succession from ruler to the eldest son. Sultan Haitham bin Tariq al-Said announced plans for the constitutional change on Monday, a year after the death of his predecessor, Sultan Qaboos. 

 The law was published on Tuesday in the official gazette, reports According to a statement published by Oman’s Ministry of Information, Article (5) stipulates that the system of governance is hereditary in the male descendants of Sultan Turki bin Said bin Sultan. Sultan Qaboos fathered no children and designated no successor publicly during his 49-year reign. 

 Qaboos named his cousin Haitham as his preferred successor in a sealed envelope to be opened after his death should the royal family disagree on the succession line. 

The family went with his choice. The new law also retains an elected advisory Shura Council, the lower house of parliament.

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