Outrage As Man allegedly throws down teenage househelp from second floor of a 2-storey building

A heartless man has reportedly thrown a teenage girl down from a 2-storey building in Aba. According to a Twitter user, obaino_, the man who threw his househelp down from the 2-storey building has been identified as Emeka Igwe from Imo state. 

 Twitter user, @obaino_ shared photos of injuries the girl sustained and also disclosed that the incident occurred at 204 Niger opposite Newday dast food in Aba. 

 He tweeted; "She’s a house help. Her master dropped her from the balcony of the 2nd floor of a 2 storey building Location is 204 Niger opposite Newday dast food Aba Please let’s make this trend and get her justice" 

 "Her Oga’s name is Emeka Igwe. He’s from Imo state"

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