Confusion As Bond Girl Passes away 24 hours after Being Declared Dead, Then Alive Again

Bond girl Tanya Roberts has died just 24 hours after her partner and rep prematurely said she passed away while she was fighting for her life in the ICU. 

 Obituaries for the 65-year-old former Charlie's Angels star were published across the world on Monday after her agent informed the media that she had died at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles on Sunday. 

 But in an emotional interview the following afternoon her partner Lance O'Brien broke down in tears as he received a phone call from the hospital. 

 'Now, you are telling me she's alive?' O'Brien said, his face torn in anguish. 

 Sobbing, he told the interviewer: 'The hospital is telling me she is alive. They are calling me from the ICU team.' TMZ reports 

O'Brien has now confirmed Roberts died Monday night just after 9pm. 

 She had been suffering from an unspecified illness which caused liver and kidney failure. 

 Roberts, who had spent the day walking her dogs, complained of feeling unwell on Christmas Eve and collapsed in the night on the way to the bathroom. 

 She was rushed to hospital, where she tested negative for coronavirus, and was placed on a ventilator before her condition rapidly deteriorated. 

 O'Brien said he went to hospital on Sunday after doctors said the actress was fading fast and that she was going to die, TMZ reported. 

He said she opened her eyes and tried to grab him but that her eyes then closed again and she 'faded'. 

Having said what he believed was his final words to her, he was left devastated and walked out of the hospital without speaking to medical staff. 

 On the same day, he appeared to claim that he had watched Roberts' 'last moments' and hours later news of her 'death' was being reported around the world. 

 He has since attempted to explain the confusion over how the death announcement came about and says he 'doesn't know' who to blame for the mix-up. 

The hospital has refused to comment on the case because of patient confidentiality. 

 'I turn around and she's completely passed out cold,' he told The Sun in a description of his harrowing visit to her bedside. 

'I thought that was that, she wasn't going to recover. 

 'So when I came down the elevator I was distraught, I was lost, I was completely discombobulated. There was nobody there to guide me. I called her publicist Mike Pingel and I said I just said goodbye to Tanya.' 

Watch video below; 

Video shows a look of shock washing over O'Brien's face as he cries into the phone: 'Now, you are telling me she's alive?'


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