Two Cardinals Close To Pope Francis Test Positive For COVID-19 A Day After Christmas Visit With The Pontiff

Two cardinals close to Pope Francis have tested positive for Covid-19, a day after the pontiff exchanged Christmas greetings with senior staff, a Vatican source said today. 

Polish cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who manages the Pope's charities and has the title of the Vatican's almoner, 'tested positive for Covid-19', Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said.     

The 57-year-old, known as the Pope's 'Robin Hood' for his work with the poor and the homeless, had symptoms of pneumonia and is being treated at a hospital in Rome.   

Officials are still seeking to identify his recent contacts, but he is known to meet with the Pope regularly. 

Italian cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, 78, the governor of Vatican City, tested positive and is believed to be in self-isolation in his home in the Vatican, the source said.

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