Reps Member Caught Attempting To Escape Orgy Party Full Of Men And Drugs

A Hungarian MEP for Viktor Orban's anti-LGBT Fidesz party has resigned after he was caught breaking lockdown to attend a mostly-male orgy in Brussels.

Jozsef Szajer, an MEP since 2004, resigned suddenly on Sunday after police broke up what they said was a 25-strong sex party attended 'mostly by men' on Friday.

Szajer initially gave no explanation for his resignation, saying only that he had been under 'mental strain', but on Tuesday as news of the orgy began to circulate he admitted being at the party and offered a full apology. 

'A newspaper ran in the Belgian press today a story about a house party in Brussels on Friday that I was attending,' he said in a statement issued to the Hungarian press.

'I told police that I was a representative... the police gave me a verbal warning and I was then taken home.

'I didn’t use drugs, I offered to the police on the spot to have an official test done, but they didn’t. 

'Police said an ecstasy pill was found. It’s not mine, I don’t know who brought it or how. I made a statement to the police about this.

'I am sorry that I have violated the rules of assembly, it was irresponsible on my part, I will take the penalties for that.'

Earlier reports had suggested that Szajer attempted to flee the party out of a window and escape down a drainpipe, but he hurt himself in the process and was caught.

Belgian media reported that he had initially tried to claim diplomatic immunity. 

Diplomats were also said to have taken part in the secret party, which was on the first floor above a cafe, where drugs were also found.

It is believed that all those involved were let off with a fine and a warning.

Details of the incident were confirmed by prosecutors in Brussels, but there was no immediate reaction from officials at the European Parliament. 

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