Nigerian man 'revolutionizes' local food on TV, wows UK judges with its taste

A Nigerian chef, Victor Ofunime Okunowo, has shown off an enviable culinary innovation as he 'revolutionized' the making of amala. 

On a TV food show, the man told judges that he will be making pasta out of àmàlà that would have egusi filling, a dish he named Amala Rivoli. 

 When asked how risky his experimentation is, Victor answered that it is very risky. 

He told them that the yam flour is called amala back home. 

 After rolling and making pasta out of the yam powder (elubo), the master chef made it into a dough as he filled it with egusi soup that has prawns. 

 A tension-bathed Victor after getting his dish done waited for the review from the judges. 

On tasting the melon, the white men could not believe how amazing the food was when it hit their tongues. 

 One of them said: "I really like your pasta, it's fine, it's thin. 

Inside, you get the almost sweet sea flavor of the prawns but you get something else that tastes like offal and has a better finish. 

"But what really intrigues me are those seeds, Crunch of a nut, the sharpness of lemon, and finish bitter."

View video below;

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