Bizarre: Fear As Dead Man Resurrects In The Mortuary

Mr Kigen, who reportedly suffered a stomach ailment, was taken to hospital by his family after fainting in his house on November 24.

His younger brother is quoted by the Standard newspaper that a nurse had told him the patient had died before they arrived at the casualty department.

The staff were said to have ‘casually checked’ on the patient before pronouncing him ‘dead’, Denis Langat, Mr Kigen’s uncle, told local channel Citizen TV.

Mr Kigen was immediately transferred to the hospital mortuary where he was prepared to be embalmed by morgue attendants.

As part of the process of preserving the body, one of the workers is said to have made an incision on the man’s right leg to infuse formalin.

But Mr Kigen suddenly regained consciousness and began to wail in pain, sending the staff scamper for their safety as they thought the dead man had ‘resurrected’.

He was later brought back to the hospital’s casualty department and received first aid.

While being treated at the ward, Mr Kigen told journalists that he was ‘happy to be alive and vowed to dedicate his life to evangelism’.

His family is now demanding justice, accusing the local hospital of negligence. 

The hospital officials and the county’s health department had yet to comment on the matter, said local media.

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