Protesters In Abuja Defy Police Brute Force At Headquarters Despite Teargas

Police have fired tear gas at protesters at the force headquarters, Abuja, chasing down demonstrators who fled the scene.

The protesters, who gathered at the national police headquarters in Abuja, came under siege from the police.

They had gathered peacefully, demanding an end to SARS and bad governance.

The police, who were visibly unhappy, were seen preparing their offensive as the K9 unit and officers on horseback arrived.

Then, a loud burst of a teargas canister was heard, marking the beginning of the offensive.

Police officers were heard yelling at this reporter “drop that camera, don’t take any photos”.

The protesters, who were armed with nothing but their banners, scattered. One protester yelled, “We must not fear. They cannot kill all of us.”

The police have pursued them down R.R. Dicko road.

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