Get Your Facts Right Before Commenting - President Buhari Tackles International Community Over #LekkiMassacre

President Buhari has in a national broadcast addressed citizens of Nigeria two days after the Lekki massacre in which soldiers from the army fired bullets at protesting youths at the popular Lekki toll gate.

The past couple of days has been on of chaos and unrecoverable loss as the #EndSARS protest against police brutality came to a bloody head with Nigerian soldiers and police men firing into crowds of peaceful protesting youths.

This action has caused a lot of outrage from Nigerians and the international community as a whole with many calling for the resignation of President Buhari.

Two days after he massacre, he has finally addressed the nation. His speech covered various areas including increasing the salary and benefits of teachers. 

Concerning the massacre, he asked that members of the international community  get their facts right before commenting on issues in Nigeria.

The protest of the youths and the following massacre has been condemned by the UN, AU, UK, US and many more world figures.

Watch the full video below:

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