Amazing Moment Footballer Delivers His Baby On The Pavement (Video)

This is the amazing moment a Brazilian footballer delivered his own baby daughter on the pavement. 

Bryan Borges, 24, played the role of midwife after wife Myllena, 26, said she was about to give birth outside their apartment block in Recife, Brazil.

Security footage at the property captured the moment the couple enter an elevator on October 1 and less than five minutes later the couples daughter Cecilia was born. 

Downstairs in the foyer, cameras show the expectant woman being supported by her partner as she struggles to walk.

Mr Borges is seen assisting his wife outside the building and then carrying her to the top of some stairs.

But just yards from their parked car, Myllena, who is now in full labour, signals that she needs to lay down on the floor.

Within minutes their baby girl is born, not in the Esperança Hospital maternity ward as planned, but on the ground outside their home.

With their help, the football player carried his wife and newborn to the waiting car and headed to hospital.  

Bryan, who plays for second division, Náutico Capibaribe FC, said it was 'wonderful' and he will be 'marked' by the situation for the rest of his life.

He added that one day he will 'be able to tell' his daughter all about what happened.   

In the early hours of Thursday morning around 5.30am, the expectant mum's waters broke and contractions started coming rapidly one after another.

Myllena was still able to walk as she explained the contractions at that stage were not very strong. 

But as the pain intensified, they grabbed her maternity bags and rushed to the elevator.

Bryan said that as soon as Myllena lay on the ground she said 'she could feel the baby's head crowning'.

He added: 'I put my hand there and Cecilia was already coming out.' 

The excited new dad joked: 'Cecilia saw me and she ran into my open arms!' 

The footballer added: 'This was without a doubt, the happiest day of my life. It was a very special and unique moment.' 

Cecilia weighed 2.9 kilos and measured 46 cm. Both mother and daughter are recovering well in hospital and are expected to be discharged by Tuesday.

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