Premier League star, Gylfi Sigurdsson's 11 year-old brother-in-law, dies after blasting himself with a shotgun

Premier League star Gylfi Sigurdsson’s young brother-in-law has accidentally blasted himself with a shotgun.

Maximilian Helgi Ivarsson, 11, fired it by mistake, having taken it from a locked gun closet.

His dad likes to hunt in Gardabaer, near Reykjavik, Iceland, but it was not known if the gun was his.

Despite the September 8 horror, Sigurdsson, 31, played for Everton in their 1-0 win over Spurs five days later.

Maximilian is the half-brother of his wife Alexandra, 31.

In a heartbreaking obituary penned in the newspaper Morgunblaðið by Sigurdsson, his wife and other family members, Maximilian is described as “our beautiful little brother with big kind eyes”.

It says Maximilian could speak three different languages from a young age.

They called him “conscious, hardworking and bright”.

The tribute said: “It breaks our hearts to write these words.

“The first word that comes to our minds is gratitude.

"Gratitude to have been able to be with you during this short time you were here and enjoy your wonderful presence.”

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