Only Snitch On Your Neighbors If They Are Having "Animal Parties" In A Hot Tub - UK Government Gives Citizens New Directive

The Prime Minister has urged Brits to only report neighbours for breaking the 'rule of six' in some circumstances.

Boris Johnson has said we should only snitch on our neighbours if they're having 'Animal House parties' with 'hot tubs and so forth'.

Speaking about whether we should grass up friends and neighbours for breaking the 'rule of six' and meeting in large gatherings, the Prime Minister said the issue should be raised with them before the authorities.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "I have never much been in favour of sneak culture, myself.

"What people should do in the first instance is obviously if they are concerned is raise it with their friends and neighbours.

"But I think what is reasonable for anyone to do is if they think there is a serious threat to public health as a result of their neighbour's activities - if there is some huge kind of Animal House party taking place, as I am sure, hot tubs and so forth, and there is a serious threat to public health then it's reasonable for the authorities to know."

Earlier this week, Policing Minister Kit Malthouse urged the public to call non-emergency line 101 to report gatherings of more than six people.

He told the BBC: "We are in discussions about what reporting mechanisms there might be but there is obviously the non-emergency number that people can ring and report issues they wish to.

"Certainly during the initial stage of lockdown, we did see a surge in those reports coming through the police."

When asked if neighbours should make the call if they witness a prohibited gathering, he said: "It is open to neighbours to do exactly that through the non-emergency number and if they are concerned and they do see that kind of thing, then absolutely they should think about it."

The 'rule of six' came into force on Monday (14 September) in response to a spike in coronavirus cases.

Anyone participating in a social gathering of more than six people could be fined £100, with potential for it to be doubled up to £3,200.

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