Boy whose ballet dance went viral breaks down in tears as he prepares for US after getting scholarship

Anthony Madu, the young Nigerian boy whose ballet dance video went viral, has said he will miss his family and his Nigerian ballet academy when he leaves for the United States in 2021. 

Nigerian ballet dancer, Anthony Madu gets scholarship by American ...

The boy, who earned himself a scholarship with the American Ballet Theatre in New York, said the viral video has brought him a lot of opportunities. In an interview with the BBC, the young boy said: "I feel very very happy because the viral video has brought so many opportunities. 

Since then, I won a scholarship to go to the US in the year 2021." 

Anthony has already started online classes with the academy and he said the classes have been so amazing. He said the classes have made him more active than he used to be. Anthony said: "What I'm going to miss here is my parents and my siblings. 

And I'm also going to miss our academy because I used to come here every day.

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